Bovet’s history dates back to 1822 when Edouard Bovet of Fleurier decided to settle in Canton, China to present the exotic European chronographic art to Chinese aristocracy. In a couple of years the term “Bovet” started to be used instead of the word “watch” and , interestingly enough, at times was also used as a means of exchange replacing money throughout the country.

Bovet draws attention both with its classical and modern technology models created by finest workmanship using high quality materials.

Bovet has many complicated pieces such as tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar models and they all have uniquely engraved enamel dials.

60 % of Bovet’s annual production is one and only pieces. With the crown and the grips at the top Bovet has created a style merging a pocket watch with a wrist watch. Bovet’s CEO and owner, Pascal Raffy, has concentrated on complication time pieces and developed classical pieces with reverse mechanisms such as tourbillon minute repeater since his take over in 2001.

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