Graham watches, which reflect the enduring eccentric soul of Great Britain, are produced with the same diligence in Switzerland, which is the center of clockmaking nowadays, by the British Masters. They bear the name of British George Graham, one of the most famous clock masters of the world who invented the fundamental tools like first wall chronograph clock, cylinder wheel and the clock located in the Greenwich Observatory through which the prime meridian passes.

Chronofighter clocks, which were designed by Graham for the pilots to use during bombardment in World War I, draw attention by having the whole movement on the left side. Chronofighter Oversize Diver, one of the newest models of this series, combine technology and simplicity with features like magnificent frame having a 46 mm diameter, waterproofing up to 300m of depth and casing which is able to turn both directions. Chronofighter R.A.C. Stingray, which has the “column wheel” movement – world’s best chronograph system- comes into prominence with features like optimum functionality and reliability.

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