Haute Horlogerie And Haute Cuisine

Arnold & Son welcomes top chef Jason Atherton aboard as brand ambassador Jason Atherton is a renowned English chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur. Since the opening of his flagship restaurant ‘Pollen Street Social’ in April 2011 in Mayfair, Jason has taken the dining scene by storm and launched fourteen additional restaurants across the globe, three of which are Michelin starred.

Haute horlogerie and haute cuisine both share the unending quest for perfection and refinement. They do not simply strive to satisfy a basic need but they fulfil their goal with upmost elegance and an incredible love for details. Ultimately, the goal of both disciplines is to excite the senses for the sake of pleasure.

Jason has chosen the iconic Time Pyramid from the Instrument Collection as his watch. It perfectly symbolizes the link between past and present, between heritage and modern creativity. The Time Pyramid encapsulates the historical DNA of the brand while remaining singular and utterly unique. It is in this aspect that it embodies haute cuisine as conceived and exercised by Jason.

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The Beauty Of The Moon

In true Arnold&Son tradition, the brand has released an evolution of its alluring and precise HM Perpetual Moon. The new HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon, with not one but two of the biggest moon phase indications on the market, rightfully joins the Arnold&Son Royal Collection. For the first time, the HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon displays the moon phases as they can be seen both from the northern and southern hemispheres respectively, all in a single watch. The Royal Collection is inspired by the timepieces created in the early part of John Arnold’s life, and pay tribute to the watches he produced for King George III and members of the royal court. The timepieces in the Royal Collection demonstrate the brand’s prowess in traditional watchmaking and classical decorative arts.

The sophisticated HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon is, indeed, a superb example of Arnold&Son’s technical and artistic excellence. From the inside out, this new timepiece – with rich guilloché dials and two three-dimensional big moons – surprises and delights. The 42 mm case is created in 18-karat red gold and houses the manufacture Arnold&Son mechanical hand-wound movement, the calibre A&S1512. The 27 jewel calibre offers one of the most accurate moon phases on the market, with only one day’s deviation every 122 years. The calibre is also equipped with a double barrel to yield 90 hours of power reserve.

From the technical side, in addition to the HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon being so precise, it is also an intriguing complication in that it is not simply a module added to the movement, but, in fact, is fully integrated into the calibre. The watch also has a unique easy-to-set feature thanks to the ingenious addition of a third moon phase indication installed at the back of the movement. This third moon display, visible via a transparent case back, features a graduated dial and a pointer hand that allows for a more exact setting.

The HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon is created in 18-karat red gold with an incredible blue guilloché dial in a stylized sunray pattern, blue guilloché moon disc with golden stars and two engraved moons. The timepiece is accented with a hand-stitched alligator strap. In all, the HM Perpetual Moon is a beguiling work of technical mastery and fine art.

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