Amadeo® Fleurier Virtuoso VII

When Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822 and DIMIER 1738, sets out to develop a new timepiece, he strives to combine the talent of every artisan working on its design and on the manufacture of each component. This vital interaction gives rise to a host of synergies, with each craftsman’s hand enhancing the work of his artisans. The VIRTUOSO VII Retrograde Perpetual Calendar is no exception, and symbolizes the coherence and culmination of the unparalleled expertise that has driven the Maison’s workshops for almost two centuries.

The Virtuoso II Specialty Caliber that equips this new timepiece first appeared in the BOVET 1822 collections in 2014. After Monsieur BOVET and VIRTUOSO V, presented at the BOVET salon in January 2015, the VIRTUOSO VII takes its place as the third timepiece in the Complications collection imagined and redesigned around this exceptional new caliber. This movement is adapted to the functionalities of the AMADEO® case and is capable of displaying the hours, minutes, seconds and any conceivable complication simultaneously on its two faces. The perpetual calendar complication is highly sought after by collectors by virtue of the ever-useful informationit provides: day, date, month and leap year cycle, with an accuracy that requires no adjustments for 400 years.