“The Beauty Book”

When Montegrappa was developing the Brain Pen, a new, increased awareness informed us of those who serve the medical world in its quest to solve the brain’s mysteries. It is with deep respect that Montegrappa will be collaborating in support of efforts to eradicate brain cancer, in conjunction with The Beauty Book.

The Beauty Book is a 312-page hardcover coffee-table book filled with images of much-loved celebrities, musicians and top models, taken by the famed photographer Darren Tieste. All the monies raised will go directly to Brain Cancer via two charities called SNOG and HEADRUSH. These charitable organizations are non-profit and both rely on donations for research. Montegrappa supports this noble project with a line of sublime writing instruments notable for the sheer beauty of the form, the material and the colours.

In support of this cause, Montegrappa has developed editions for both men and women. Both are made of celluloid, employing new colours never used before. Both series will be available as fountain pens and rollerballs. The Beauty Book pens feature the globally-recognised ‘ribbon’ symbol in the fight against cancer in the caps’ tops.