Strong Identity

The Luminor Due is the thinnest and most versatile of Panerai’s creations. Its elegant, logical design, with pure, minimalist lines, is the result of a sophisticated technical reworking of the historic Luminor design. This has transformed an icon of high quality sports watchmaking into a new classic, suitable for every wrist and situation but always immediately recognisable with its powerful Panerai identity.


Panerai presents the new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic models, with the stainless steel or red gold case, in sizes of 42 mm and for the first time 38 mm in diameter. These dimensions and characteristics make these watches extremely versatile, as does the new range of colors for the dials and straps of each new model.


These new Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic watches are fitted with the OP XXXIV Manufacture calibre, with automatic winding and a power reserve of 72 hours, the basic standard of Panerai’s movements. The dial design with large luminous figures in the purest Panerai style, small seconds counter and, for the first time in this collection, the date window ensures the legendary legibility which has been an essential characteristic of the brand since the first example created in the 1930s. Mounted on the caseband of all the models is the bridge device with lever which protects the winding crown from accidental shocks, evoking the glorious history of Panerai watches, which lives again today in this new contemporary interpretation.

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The Pole2Pole Expedition

The watchmaker brand and the famous Swiss – South African explorer was renewed their historic partnership with the Pole2Pole project. Circumnavigating the globe passing through the poles. On the explorer’s wrist will be the new special edition created by Panerai: The Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio – 47 mm

This announcement is being made on the eve of Mike’s departure from Cape Town, South Africa, for the South Pole, and it confirms the long-term partnership between Mike Horn and Officine Panerai, which has already sponsored many of the most remarkable enterprises of the famous explorer: Arktos (2002-2004), the North Pole Winter Expedition (2006) and Pangaea (2008-2012).

Pangaea is the yacht which has already taken Mike to every corner of the globe during the expedition of the same name, and he will be sailing it on all the sea journeys which will alternate with challenging land-bound sections exploring some of the most fascinating, remote and unspoiled areas of the planet.

Mike’s mission is to inspire people to enjoy their own personal adventures without fear of leaving their own comfort zone, to understand the laws which rule the planet in which we live, and to publicise the need to protect this extraordinary environment at a time when the dangers threatening nature are extremely serious and alarmingly current.



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The Most Poetic Complication

The useful functions of the two new Luminor 1950models are combined with one of the most poetic complications of Houte Horlogerie: The Equation of Time, with Linear Indicator on the dial.

In watchmaking, there are functions which are extremely useful, and there are functions which, on the other hand, meet the need for a wristwatch that stimulates the imagination and provides the subtle pleasure which  enthusiasts experience from being in touch with the centuries-old history of high quality watchmaking. The two new Luminor 1950 Equation of Time 8 Days GMT models combine these aspects in a masterly way in pure Panerai style.

The secret of the two new creations, which differ from each other in the blue or brown colour of the dial and strap, is the P.2002/E movement, a hand-wound calibre with a power reserve of eight days, developed and produced entirely in Panerai’s Manufacture in Neuchâtel. With a diameter of 13 3/4 lignes and 329 parts, the P.2002/E calibre has many useful functions: the GMT function, with a central hand for the second time zone and am/pm indicator in the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock; the date with indication of the month in the counter at 3 o’clock; a power reserve of over eight days, provided by the three springs barrels, with indication of the time remaining on the back; the mechanism which stops the balance wheel and sets the seconds hand to zero for accurately synchronising the watch with a reference time signal; and the device for changing the hour hand quickly without interfering with the running of the watch.

But the difference between the P.2002/E and the P.2002 basic version is the equation of time, that is, the measurement of the difference between actual time and the conventional time used in everyday life. It is a classic complication of Haute Horlogerie, which harks back to the ancient link between time measurement and astronomy. Because of the elliptical orbit of the Earth round the Sun and the particular tilt of the Earth’s axis of the rotation in relation to the equator, a day is exactly 24 hours long only four times in a year, while on all other days there is a  difference between real time (solar day) and conventional time, by which a day may be up to about 15 minutes longer or shorter, depending on the time of the year. This difference is measured and displayed on the dial of the two new Luminor 1950 Equation of Time 8 Days GMT models by means of a linear indicator on the dial at six o’clock.

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