As the 2016 racing season gears up, ready to roar into action, Roger Dubuis lines up on the starting grid of GT championship racing in the world-class company of the FFF Racing Team recently created by the 31 year-old Chinese tycoon Fu Songyang.

Multiple parallels can be drawn between the world of motorsports and that of Roger Dubuis, including dedication to performance and precision, along with a determination to stay ahead of the pack. First and foremost, however, their natural affinities are based on a shared and relentless obsession with incredible mechanics, expressed through finely tuned engines and equally state-of-the-art, meticulously honed movements. Moreover, this compelling enthusiasm for technical complexity is backed by an equally powerful penchant for sophisticated design conveyed through streamlined bodywork as well as in the sleek exteriors of Roger Dubuis timepieces. Given its whole-hearted nature manifested in all its endeavours, Manufacture Roger Dubuis has opted to sign a partnership as primary sponsor of the FFF Racing Team.

Within the framework of this prestigious partnership, five GT supercars (two Lamborghinis and three McLarens used by FFF), driven by five professional drivers, will be proudly competing in the colours of the Manufacture.

To mark this auspicious cooperation, Roger Dubuis is issuing an eight-piece limited edition of its already iconic Excalibur Quatuor, introduced in 2013 and whose affinities with the world of racing are vividly apparent.