Established in 1884 in Rome by the talented Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the brand quickly gained a reputation for its Italian excellence, with excellent craftsmanship and magnificent jewellery creations. Adhering to their Roman origins, Bulgari productions have defined a sui generis style consisting of elegantly balanced volumes and flawless motifs, with vivid colour combinations. Among the timepiece collections of Bvlgari, there are such collections as Octo, Bvlgari Bvlgari and Diagono for men, and Lvcea, Serpenti, Diva’s Dream, Bvlgari Bvlgari, B.zero1 and High Jewellery collections for women. In the collections of the brand established in 1980 in Switzerland, Italian designs and Swiss watchmaking are blended.



    Bvlgari Jewellery Watches become the heirlooms of Bvlgari creativity, combining hundreds if not thousands of miniaturised pieces into every prestige watch. As the master of gemstones, a Bvlgari designer watch is recognisable, incorporating the flair of Italy with the dash of Bvlgari distinction.


    Whether realistic or geometrically abstract, each Serpenti prestige watch is able to wind Bulgari’s hallmarks together: a love of colour, the juxtaposition of materials, innovative artisanal techniques, and a subtle wearability.


    Lvcea’s inspired designer bracelet coils into a geometry of polished metals, surrounding the round watch face. The master of coloured gemstones sets every Lvcea crown with a noble pink cabochon-cut stone, topped with a diamond. Lvcea brings glamour to the everyday and to every style.


  • OCTO

    Discover BVLGARI Octo watches for men, a renewed approach to watchmaking by bringing a modern and contemporary vision. The Octo designer watch breaks with convention, its bold intersection of circle and square forming an octagon, tracing time in perfect geometry.


    The DIVAS’ DREAM luxury collection is a tale of beauty. Capturing the essence of the exquisite women of our time, the design recalls Bvlgari’s passion for coloured stones, imagines the jeweller’s rainbow, and whispers with feminine enchantment. The Divas’ Dream design adopts a softer approach.


    Bvlgari Bvlgari watches from Bvlgari combine the finest Italian design with sophisticated mechanisms to create timepieces of breath-taking beauty and elegance.



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